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Chain (slat) conveyors
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Chain (slat) conveyors

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The company "UkrTechnoFoods" is ready to offer a wide range of plate (chain) belts.

Their purpose - to move a variety of goods (bags, boxes, crates). Transporters may be:

  • direct and oblique
  • slewing
  • fixed and mobile
  • single and mnogoruchevye
  • with and without flanges

Typically, chain conveyors are made up of separate modules, which allows them to change the configuration depending on the task at hand. Conveyor belt conveyor plate consists of separate plastic or steel plates. Their reports may be adjusted in width and height. Chain conveyors can be equipped with the necessary electronic or pneumatic devices (sensors, meters, actuators).

Type load-bearing construction:Lamellar
Information is up-to-date: 14.02.2018

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